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Welcome teachers, students, music organizations, benefactors and music lovers alike! 

Membership in Florida Federation of Music Clubs (FFMC) is open to everyone and provides musical opportunities for all. If you live in Florida and want to enrich your musical experience, consider joining our organization!


Becoming a member of FFMC begins with choosing from one of the Senior Memberships below. Senior Memberships are required to participate in local Festivals, the FFMC State Conventions and certain other FFMC events. 

Senior Club

Cost: varies by club, depends on the number of members. Cheaper than an individual membership. 

Great for anyone looking to join a community that raises scholarships for students, host musical events, and more.


State and National dues are paid annually.

Find local Senior Clubs by heading to the Districts page and selecting your location!

Senior Individual Membership

Cost: $50

Great for people who want all the perks of being an FFMC member, without joining a community. 

State and National dues are paid annually.

Lifetime Membership

Cost: $200

Includes all the privileges of being an FFMC member and is exempt from annual State and National dues.


Lifetime membership is not transferable from one state to another.

Subscriber, Donor, Patron Membership

Cost: $1,000 (Subscriber)

$2,000 (Donor)

$10,000 (Patron)


Includes all privileges of being an FFMC member and is exempt from annual State and National dues.


This membership is not transferable from one state to another and any such member who takes up residence in another state remains a member of the state federation in which the fee was paid.

Sheet Music


For participation in FFMC events such as Festivals, the State Junior Convention, and other competitive events.

If you are looking for performance opportunities, motivational programs, or scholarship opportunities for your students, then FFMC is looking for you! Membership begins with choosing a Senior Membership (which covers you, as a teacher) and a Junior Membership (which covers your students). Senior and Junior memberships are required to participate in local Festivals, the FFMC State Junior Convention and certain other FFMC events.


Choose a Senior Membership listed above


Choose a Junior Membership from the following:

Junior Individual Membership

(Good for teachers with 3 students or less)

$13 per student

Create a Junior Club

(Good for teachers with 4+ students)

$50 for up to 16 students


Complete the form below, include a list of juniors in alphabetical order, and mail along with payment.


Student/Collegiate (ages 19-25)

To participate in FFMC activities like Festival, a student member has three options:

  1. Join as a member of a Senior Music Club or Student Club (contact the local club)

  2. Join as a Senior Individual Member.

  3. Join as a Student Individual Member.

NFMC Crade Roll

Celebrate the birth of your child or grandchild by securing a Cradle Roll Membership. Your $25 one-time contribution
to FFMC introduces them to FFMC musical adventures. Cradle Roll members are listed in the directory for five years.
The parents (or other donor) will receive a certificate of enrollment from NFMC.

Associate Membership

Organizations formed for the purpose of promoting a specific music project such as choral societies, orchestras/orchestral associations, opera companies/guilds, music teachers’ organizations, local alumni chapters of music fraternities or sororities, church choirs/ orchestras/ bands, etc., and groups dedicated to the promotion of a concert series in their own community, may become associate members upon payment of dues as provided in these bylaws. Such associate members may send representatives to the meetings of the federation but they shall not be entitled to make motions nor to vote.

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