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Revised June 4, 2016


Junior Division Procedures Manual (PDF)

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During the FFMC Spring Convention in Tampa, many adjustments were made in the guidelines for district and state Festival events and detailed in the FFMC Junior Procedures Manual.

STATE CONVENTION - Junior Festival Updates (2017): click here

(Effective as of June 4, 2016)

1. Page 5: Amend statement under section titled “Junior State Convention” to “Entrants who have not reached 19 years of age as of the date of their Area Festival event and who…”

2. Page 6: Eliminate #3 on “General Checklist.”

3. Page 9: Under section titled “Selection to be Performed” after sentence 3 add statement “If the required edition listed in the Bulletin does not have an accompaniment, no accompaniment can be added or improvised. “

4. Page 10: Amend years for NFMC Festivals Bulletin to “2017 – 2020.”

5. Page 10: Concerto subdivision lists have been revised for piano.

6. Page 11: Violin Solo/Violin Concerto Correlations are now required in new NFMC Bulletin.

7. Page 11: In the Ensemble Events section eliminate first sentence and amend second sentence to “In all ensemble events solo partners must be within two classes. “

8. Page 12: Piano Hymn Playing /Piano Solo correlations remain the same for State Junior Convention participation requirements.

9. Page 12: Piano Solo/American Patriotic Folk Song Event change title to American Patriotic Folk Song Piano Event; correlations slightly different for State Junior Convention participation requirements.

10. Page 14: Add statement, “FFMC Scholarships are not awarded to the same Junior more than one time.”

11. Page 15: In Awards Ceremonies section; add “Presentation of 12+ Consecutive Superior National Certificates.”

12. Page 15: In Interrupting Auditions section add statement “Any student, parent, or teacher who exhibits disruptive behavior at State Junior Convention will be immediately disqualified and future participation suspended until further notice.”

13. Page 15: Under “Interrupting Auditions” section add new section “Warm-Up Rooms” and statement “No warm-up rooms will be provided at FFMC State Junior Convention.”

14. Page 21 & 22: Dues chart revised.

(Effective as of August 1, 2015)

• Add general version of the State Junior Convention application “Checklist” to the Junior Procedures Manual.

• General Procedures pg. 5 paragraph 3 add: “State Junior Convention applications sent without the teacher fee(s) included will be assessed a $10 error fee.” AND “Any application form that fails to include the appropriate teacher’s fee will not be processed until all fees have been received (including all penalties). Non-compliance will result in teacher/student disqualification.”

• Add new paragraph in General Procedures pg. 5 after paragraph 5: “State Junior Convention applications cannot be sent by registered mail, certified mail, metered mail or stamp, or with computer generated/printed postage labels. All postage must be hand-cancelled by the U.S. Postal Service. “

• Pg. 6 amend last paragraph: “The Junior Convention Committee is excluded.”

  1. o “Area Festival Chairmen are responsible for dispersing pertinent information concerning State Junior Convention volunteering policies to their area’s participating teachers.”

    o “District Festival funds MAY NOT be used to cover this expense. “

    o “Festival Centers will be assessed a fee for their portion of the monitoring fees. Fees must be paid 3 weeks prior to the State Junior Convention. Failure to comply will result in Festival Centers being barred from participating in the State Junior Convention the following year.”


• Pg. 6 after 5th paragraph add:

“Any awards not claimed from State Junior Convention by January 1st of the following year will be deemed recyclable for the next State Junior Convention and will not be obtainable by teachers/students/parents.”

• Selection to Be Performed pg. 7 amend statement: “In all events, required selections must come from the same arrangement, compilation, book, or volume specified in the NFMC Festivals Bulletin.“

• Sightplaying pg. 11 after first sentence add:

  1. o “To compete in sight playing event at state, students must be entered (compete) in solo as well.”

    o “Entrants will be given 90 seconds to prepare the selection for playing.”

• Under Piano Concerto JR II and JR III Divisions pg. 8 add: “For state competition only, students competing in piano concerto Junior IIB may not regress back to Junior IIA in subsequent years. Students competing in piano concerto Junior IIIB also may not regress back to Junior IIIA piano concerto in subsequent years.”

• Provide Copy of Score pg. 11: Add after “Electronically produced scores…”: “Music downloaded from the Internet must be accompanied by hard copy proof of purchase/receipt, permission to use the score, official notation on the music indic">ating purchase by the person using it, or a studio license obtained by the teacher or junior counselor.” Omit: “Scores bought through an Internet source must have an official notation on the music indicating purchase by the person using it or a receipt confirming purchase

• Faithfulness to the Score pg. 11:  Add: “In Fiddling events, where accompaniments are indicated only by chord symbols, pieces may be accompanied on piano, guitar or other instrument where the chords can be fully realized. If no chord symbols or published accompaniment exists for a specific piece the student(s) will perform unaccompanied.”  

* NOTE: Also refer to your Junior Keynotes and the NFMC website for Festivals Bulletin adjustments: