Florida Federation of Music Clubs

65th Annual


Date: March 4-5, 2016
Stephen Foster Folk Cultural Center
White Springs, Florida
Jeanie: $1,500
Plus tiara, appearances
Jeanie Maid: $1,000

Stephen: $1,500
Stephen Runner-up: $1,000
2014 Winners List (Below)

Sara Villa - Jeanie
(Sponsored by the Friday Morning Musicale of Tampa)
Gabriel Hernandez – Stephen
(Sponsored by Boca Delray Music Society)
Jeanie contest: female 17 - 22 years (not yet 23 by auditions)
Stephen contest: male 17 - 23 years (not yet 24 by auditions)
Voice/music student and permanent Florida resident
Co-sponsored by Stephen Foster State Folk Culture Center, White Springs, Florida


The idea for the Stephen Foster/Jeanie Auditions originated in December, 1951 to encourage promising young Florida female vocal students. The first music scholarship award was presented to the winning Jeanie in 1954 by Stephen Foster’s closest living relative, Evelyn Foster Morneweck. Since 2006, the auditions have also been open to male contestants as well due to the generous endowment by Connie Tuttle-Lill.

The Jeanie/Stephen Auditions are sponsored by the Florida Federation of Music Clubs and will be held on the first Friday and Saturday in March at the Stephen Foster State Folk Culture Center in White Springs, Florida. Qualified judges select two female finalists. One is crowned Jeanie with award of $1,500, and the Jeanie Maid receives award of $1,000. These same judges also select two male vocalists, one to receive the Stephen title with award of $1,500 and the runner-up receives $1,000. Our hope is that these scholarship winners will use their awards to continue their vocal studies.

We welcome your donations to support this event. The names of all donors will be listed on the program. Contribution categories are as follow:

Oh! Susanna ($200 or more)
Beautiful Dreamer ($100-$199)
Camptown Races (under $100)

Please send donations (payable to FFMC, Inc.) directly to:

Suzanne Carpenter
FFMC Treasurer
PO Box 357275
Gainesville, Florida 32635-7275

Qualifying Rules for Jeanie/Stephen Auditions
1. Age requirements for contestants:
Female voice students must be between the ages of 17 and not yet 23 by date of auditions.
Male voice students must be between the ages 17 and not yet 24 by date of auditions.
2. Contestants must be legal residents of Florida and American citizens, either native-born or naturalized. Proof of these requirements may be requested.
3. Contestants must be sponsored by an FFMC Senior Federated Music Club. When a candidate has been auditioned and accepted, the sponsoring club may request a copy of the Blue Foster Songbook from the application chairman. Candidates may choose their songs from this edition. Two Foster songs " Old Folks At Home"and " I Dream of Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair" are not to be selected by contestants. If a club has more than one candidate, extra copies can be requested. The books must be returned during registration at White Springs.
4. Only advanced vocalists are acceptable (those capable of giving a creditable radio, television or concert performance).
5. Females: light brown hair is not a requirement, but an 1854 hair style is mandatory.
6. Female contestants must audition in an 1850-1870 style ball gown with a hoop or bridal crinoline. A hoop is preferred. Bright colors are preferable, since they photograph well. Male contestants must audition in traditional 1854-style formal cutaway attire. ‚ÄčIt is suggested that applicant check with school drama department or local theater to see if costume is available.
7. Applications must be accompanied by a nonrefundable entry fee of $50 (payable to FFMC) with the forms completed, preferably typewritten, or neatly hand-printed and signed by the contestant.
8. Application forms and a black and white head and shoulder photo are due on February 15th. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE COMPLETE BEFORE MAILING AND POSTMARKED BY February 15th.
9. Contestants must furnish their own accompanist. If you do not have an accompanist, please mark it on the application form so one can be assigned to you for a fee. 
10. A repertoire of two (2) songs by American composers (native-born or naturalized) is required. One song must be by Stephen C. Foster. Submit alternate selections for all songs since we do not want duplicate songs. In case of duplication, the earliest postmark will determine the contestant who will be permitted to sing the songs selected. Total performing time for both these selections shall not exceed seven (7) minutes. Winners must be prepared to perform an additional song by an American composer at the awards ceremony: Jeanie, a song by an American composer; Stephen: two verses of "I Dream of Jeanie" to the crowned Jeanie.
11. Photocopies of Foster songs are permissible. It is suggested that three (3) copies be made available to the judges so that each may have their own copy to follow. The “COPYRIGHT LAW” must be honored in a participant’s second selection by an American composer. One original score must be supplied to the judges with the measures numbered for commentary purposes. Please delete (by erasure or white-out or covering by opaque label) name(s) of teacher, contestant, college or university, or any other identifying information.
12. Once selections are made and approved, NO CHANGES MAY BE MADE by contestants.
13. Winners of the JEANIE/STEPHEN titles must be available during their reigns for appearances, as designated by the Florida Federation of Music Clubs. JEANIE/STEPHEN winners may not enter future auditions. Jeanie maids or Stephen runner-ups are eligible to apply again.
14. Social Security numbers will be required from all contestants who receive a monetary award.
15. Failure to comply with these rules will result in disqualification.

To apply for the Jeanie/Stephen Auditions, print out the application form and follow the instructions. If you cannot access the entry form you may need to obtain a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. To get a free copy, visit the Adobe web site by clicking on the following logo:

 Acrobat Reader

Jeanie, Stephen Scholarship Winners - 2014

2014 Jeanie: Sara Villa / Friday Morning Musicale of Tampa
Financial Sponsor: Claire-Frances Whitehurst

2014 Stephen:  Gabriel Hernandez / Boca Delray Music Society

Pictured (from left to right)

Nicole Steinberg - Jeanie Maid, sponsored by Coral Gables Music Club

Gabriel Hernandez – Stephen, sponsored by Boca Delray Music Society

Sara Villa - Jeanie, sponsored by the Friday Morning Musicale of Tampa

Ian Silverman - Stephen Runner-Up, sponsored by Coral Gables Music Club

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